It Says It's Custard, And It's Not Pudding You On

It Says It's Custard, And It's Not Pudding You On

Sorry, couldn't resist. The CreamWorx that just opened at 8817 Texas 6 in Missouri City might want to change its sign just a little to let people - not as acquainted with frozen custard - know that what it's selling is closer to ice cream than Jello pudding.

I drove by it several times, despite my daughter insisting that we should give it a try. I mentioned it to Robb Walsh at a news meeting and he launched into a discourse on custard - as did a few other staffers who knew more about it from living in more northern climes. It was when he said the magic word "Carvel" that I understood. So it's like soft serve ice cream.

But it isn't exactly that. After some research I know that it's denser with less air in it than ice cream and that it has never been frozen. It's served at a warmer temperature than ice cream, hence the "soft serve." And it comes in two flavors: vanilla and chocolate. But you can add a flavor shot and make it into anything.

I stuck with vanilla in a cone and the single size serving was a lot of stuff. It tasted good and the cone was nice and crispy, but I faltered along the way.

My daughter had no trouble consuming her cupful of frozen custard with a caramel flavor shot and chocolate chips thrown in. Despite being a soft serve, it held its shape for quite a while.

They also serve yogurt and make sundaes and root beer floats with the frozen custard. A medium bowl is $3.99 and $4.29 for large with additional toppings 79 cents each. So it's not the cheapest dessert in the world, but not outrageous if you're looking for a way to treat yourself and a friend.


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