Are the sticks edible?
Are the sticks edible?

It's Not a Thyroid Problem's the Corn Dog Pizza you just horked down.

One of modern society's greatest questions is now succinctly answered in a single website: This Is Why You're Fat.  Included in the website are such favorites as Rochester's world-famous garbage plate (I was not a fan, surprisingly -- and, yes, I tried Nick's), the much ballyhooed bacon explosion, and Scotland's second most disgusting contribution to world cuisine behind haggis, the deep-fried Mars Bar.

Conspicuously absent, however, is the glut of fried foods at the Texas State Fair: chicken-fried bacon, deep-fried S'mores, fried banana split and Texas fried Jelly Bellys.  If you've got a picture of any of the aforementioned abominations, submit it to the website for your chance at eternal (and by eternal, I mean ephemeral) Internet glory and fame.


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