It's Not Too Late to Celebrate National Burger Month

I celebrate National Burger Month by watching Bob's Burgers every Sunday.
I celebrate National Burger Month by watching Bob's Burgers every Sunday.

The great thing about National Burger Month is that it runs, y'know, all month. So you have until the end of May to serve God and your country by eating as many good, ol' American hamburgers as your stomach will fit.

The other good thing about National Burger Month is that restaurants offer special creations you won't find the other 11 months of the year. If you're looking to eat a lobster tail on top of an Akaushi beef patty between two buns, the time is now.

L'Olivier has a Surf & Turf Burger for $36 that offers just that: lobster medallions atop an Akaushi beef patty, but that's not all. Chef Olivier Ciesielski also throws in some caramelized onions and saffron mayonnaise. The Surf & Turf is available on the menu every day, but only until May 31.

Triniti, on the other hand, is mixing it up and offering a different burger for every week of National Burger Month. We've already spun through weeks one and two, but this week the restaurant is making a $12 Sloppy Joe Burger at lunch. If you really want to hold out for the big guns, wait until the last week of May: That's when Triniti is offering its own twist on the Surf & Turf called the Sea & Farm Burger. It's $39, but it comes with lobster and foie gras. (And we all know the glorious works Triniti has wrought using foie gras in the past...)

The Knife and Fork Burger at The Counter.
The Knife and Fork Burger at The Counter.

If the Sloppy Joe at Triniti isn't messy enough for your tastes, just look to The Counter. The California-based burger chain's two locations on Washington Avenue and in The Woodlands will be offering two limited-time burgers through May. One of those is the gloriously gloppy Knife and Fork Burger, where a beef patty comes topped with slow-roasted Roma tomatoes, spinach, and Parmesan cheese fries. Yes, the fries are part of the burger. It saves time. The Knife and Fork is $10 and comes with The Counter's signature steak sauce.

The Counter's other May-only burger sounds like a surefire hangover cure (although not if you have a burger hangover; that requires a whole different cure). The Red Eye Burger starts with a bison patty that's then topped with Tillanook cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon and a fried egg on an English muffin. To further open those eyes up, the burger is spiced up with sweet Sriracha sauce for $14.75.

And if you happen to have the last name "Burger" -- or anything close to it -- mark your calendar for May 28. That's when Smashburger will be offering one free Classic Smash to anyone named Burger (or Berger or Hamburger or Weinberger or Rosenberger) with a valid photo ID.

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