Juiced Up

Not all fast food is fried in vegetable oil. Jamba Juice [2506 University Boulevard, (713)529-3225; other locations] offers the fastest food around, with a twist: It's actually good for you. If the five-a-day plan -- that's five servings of fruits and veggies daily, for those who have already forgotten the universally unpopular recommendation -- doesn't fit your lifestyle, a smoothie definitely will. Each 24-ounce drink ($3.69) contains the nutrients of four to six servings of fruit. Jamba recently introduced some turbocharged smoothies, which contain about 20 grams of soy protein. The Mighty Cherry Charger ($3.95) is made from cherries, cherry juice, strawberries, nonfat yogurt and soy milk, but you'll forget all about the healthy ingredients when you sip the icy concoction. It's damn good. And in a city where the seasons are winter, summer and still summer, a refreshingly cool drink is going to beat a burger most any day.


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