Kentucky Club
Troy Fields

Kentucky Club

Heading into the Kentucky Club (2707 Fountain View, No. 2, 832-252-7267), I expected an homage to the Bluegrass State. Nothing of the sort. No pictures of thoroughbreds. No Wildcat jerseys. Not even a sad Loretta Lynn song on the jukebox. Hell, there wasn't even a jukebox. However, I did find 24 TVs, a pool table and a foosball table, six regulars solemnly waiting for the Cowboys game to kick off, four obnoxious poker machines blocking prime seats at the bar and Kelli, the adorable, drop-dead-gorgeous bartender. She had no idea what the bar name meant and was hesitant to recommend a drink, but eager to make anything I wanted. Bourbon seemed to be the appropriate inebriant, so Kelli and I looked up recipes in her handy reference book, and we chose the "Kentucky Cocktail." A simple yet powerful drink made with, of course, a respectable Kentucky bourbon. After I'd knocked down a couple, the guy next to me started looking like Hunter S. Thompson, the ubiquitous TVs were a buzzkill and my voice seemed to be getting louder and louder as I heckled the Cowboys. That's when I decided to head out, because an asshole is a cliché in any state.

2 ounces Jim Beam

Pineapple Juice


Kentucky Club

Serve over ice in any cocktail glass you choose and mind your manners.


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