Khun Kay Thai Café

Khun Kay Thai Café

Why is it when ever you order food at a Thai restaurant and you say you want it hot, they never make it really hot? That is what Thai food is all about - hell, they even have a dish called Tiger Cry. For crying out loud, is there a special button they press when the order is for a Caucasian that tells the cook, make it "Caucasian hot"? Khun Kay Thai Café on Montrose is no exception. We asked for our Pad Thai to be extra hot, and it came out about as hot as a tiger whimper.

Still, the place is actually is very cool. The counter service is quick, and the menu is simple and to the point. Despite the lack of heat, the dishes I ate -- Pad Thai and jalapeño-fried rice, were delish. I chased it all back with a couple of Chang beers. I'd never heard of this beer, but it was cheep and refreshing. And our server, Chantana, was awesome, as was her name.

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Khun Kay Thai Cafe

1209 Montrose Blvd.
Houston, TX 77019


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