Late Night Scene: Mama's Cafe

After a night of bar-hopping in the Galleria area, I need a bite and another cocktail. My girlfriend thinks Mama's Café (6019 Westheimer Rd., 713-266-8514) would hit the proverbial spot, and she also throws in that they have a full bar. I am sold.

We head on over and grab a booth, and the night gets a little interesting. I ask the waiter what time the café closes, and he proclaims they are open till 4:30 in the a.m. My liver starts thinking on its own and asks him what time the bar closes. Unfortunately, he replies with, "The same as everyone else." Damn! I always wanted a bar that stays open till after four. He happily tells me the bar reopens at 6: 30 in the morning. Yes! Okay, this is my new favorite place for breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, I order the Huevos Hoffbrau, a heaping plate of Mama's-style migas. Then I look over my shoulder and see one of the remaining Swayze brothers, greasy mullet and biker jacket included, heading for the door. I think it's Don. Star-struck, I order a cocktail and a beer.

It could be the level of my intoxication, but the Hoffbrau doesn't suck. As we pay the tab, weirdness is still in the air. An-odd looking woman is getting loud at the bar and dancing around like she owns the place. Hey, maybe that's Mama.


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