Late Night Scene: Waffle House

Late Night Scene: Waffle House

We ventured out to the Waffle House at 11240 Westheimer for some pork products and waffles. There is something about this place that makes it a destination restaurant. We ordered a super "breakfast" with a pecan waffle, sausage, and our hash browns "smothered, covered and scattered." If you're not familiar with Waffle House hash brown lingo, that's hash browns scattered on the griddle with onions and covered with American cheese. You can also get them "topped," which means they poor chili over the top.

Usually, you have to drive down I-10 somewhere between San Antonio and Gainsville, Florida on some deranged road trip to run into a Waffle House, but not in Houston. There's actually a couple locations here. With more pork products than you can shake a stick at, it is well worth the drive! Oink...

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