Troy Fields

After the Astros royally kicked the Brewers' ass, I meandered to Main Street for a victory beer. The Live Sports Cafe (407 Main, 713-228-5483) was packed because of the De La Hoya fight upstairs and karaoke downstairs. I watched the boxing fans and wannabe singers, then ended up on the front porch checking out the boozers, the beautiful boys and girls, the whacked-out addicts and the working folk. I got a bit restless and ended up back inside, where I asked the charismatic Mateo to make me something special. With a twinkle in his eyes, he put together an interesting-looking shot — the Bob Marley. Just the mention of Bob Marley's name made me miss my stoner days — and how happy I was that dreadlock boy was voted off American Idol (but I digress). It was the second time my request for something special got me a shot made with Jägermeister, so I must look like that kind of gal. But the shot was tropical and tasty, and I gave Mateo the thumbs up and was rewarded with a breathtaking smile. Then this hardworking, Jäger-drinkin' gal jumped on the train and headed home.

1 ounce Jägermeister

1/2 ounce melon liqueur


Live Sports Cafe

Generous splash of pineapple juice

Generous splash of Sprite

Mix all ingredients over ice in a shaker. Pour into a shot glass. Have fun, but don't shoot the sheriff.

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