Local Chef Arrested; Suspected of Attempted Sexual Assault

According to a probable cause report filed by the Houston Police Department on Wednesday, September 4, Zackery Ray Alolabi may have some trouble keeping his hands to himself.

The owner of the Original Napoli Italian Restaurant Chain, affectionately known as "Papa Zack," was accused of attempted sexual assault on July 19 by a female employee. The police report states that the woman, who had been working for Alolabi for the past two years, claimed the chef had been trying to kiss her and had been making "unwanted advances" all day. She stated in the report that he was highly intoxicated and eventually approached her, "placing his exposed penis in her face," before attempting to lie on top of her.

He then positioned himself to perform oral sex on the employee and attempted to remove her shorts, even though she told him to stop several times, she told police. The employee says she was able to overcome Alolabi by wrapping her thighs around his head and placing him in a head lock.

Alolabi was not aware that his employee's ex-husband was listening to the entire event through a live cell phone on the employee's desk from a previous call, according to the police report.

The ex-husband claims he overheard the employee telling Alolabi repeatedly to stop before the phone cut off.

After the alleged attack, the woman contacted her brother, also an employee of Alolabi's, who came to the scene and called the police. According to the report, the woman's brother had been employed by Alolabi for 11 years, but neither he nor his sister are working for the chef any longer.

The responding officers observed the woman's torn belt and shorts and noted that Alolabi was intoxicated and they could smell alcohol on his breath. Alolabi suggested the tears in the woman's shorts were a "fashion statement" (because apparently he believes the just-been-assaulted look is in these days...?)

The police at the scene noted that the shorts were torn "in such a way that they would not be acceptable to wear in public." Alolabi also said that the belt tore because it was old, but both the woman and the police agree that it looked new.

Alolabi denied that any attempted sexual assault took place, suggesting that the alleged victim must have staged the scene. A current employee told police that Alolabi had previously sexually harassed her and other female workers over the years.

Alolabi was arrested on September 5 but released on a $5,000 bond. He is being charged with a third-degree felony, which is punishable by a $10,000 fine and two to ten years in prison.

The case is listed as "inactive" on the Harris County District Clerk's records, so it is unclear if the case is ongoing.

A previous record for Alolabi shows a 2001 misdemeanor charge for driving while intoxicated, for which he paid a $1,500 fine and attended traffic school.

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