Lotta Lobster

The new Tony's (3755 Richmond, 713-622-6778) may look different, but the menu is still familiar -- full of highfalutin but darned tasty food. Take the LBLT (that's a lobster BLT), which at $24 may be the most expensive sandwich in town. Is it worth it? You be the judge. We'll just say it's definitely one of the tastiest sandwiches around. No lobster "shreds" here -- just big melt-in-your-mouth pieces layered atop crispy bacon, thick leaves of lettuce and thin slices of fresh tomato and avocado. Piled high on toasted ciabatta and slathered with Dijon mayonnaise, this concoction would be enough to feed two without the side cone of crispy sweet-potato shoestring fries. So try to share.


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