LZ Pub

Troy Fields

When a couple friends and I walk into LZ Pub (2239 Richmond, 713-522-7118), "Welcome to the Jungle" is playing, which is fitting, because we're greeted by three middle-aged tigresses with the sloppy confidence that only three to four mixed drinks can bring. "Don't worry. I don't bite..." says one, grinning as she exhales her cigarette in my friend's face. "That's a shame," he says, coughing. "...Except on Wednesdays, but I can make exceptions," she adds, with teased hair and a raised eyebrow. If only it were the '80s, and this were a Guns N' Roses video. We grab our drinks and head for another room. After a while, Jaylene, the spunky blond bartender, pops in to check on us. With her strange combo of punk-rock vibe and sunny demeanor, Jaylene is a welcome departure from your run-of-the-mill bartender. We beg her to join us for some drinks, but she declines, adding that if we need anything we can just ask for "Sleepy Peepee." After a round of Jaylene's pineapple martinis, we decide to venture back to the bar to find out what the hell is up with this nickname, middle-aged tigresses be damned. Turns out she's a bit of a narcoleptic, and once during finals week, she got busted by her coworkers in full REM cycle on the toilet in the ladies' room. At first she blamed it on academic exhaustion, but another night she nodded off in the middle of pouring a drink. We're intrigued by Jaylene's stories, but one of the tigresses edges her seat closer to us and makes a little growl. "Check, please," I say.

1 1/4 ounces Malibu pineapple rum

3/4 ounce pineapple juice


LZ Pub

Splash Sprite

Combine Malibu pineapple rum, pineapple juice and Sprite in shaker with ice. Shake vigorously, then strain into chilled martini glass.

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