Machacado con Huevos

Machacado con Huevos

The Northern Mexican dish, machacado con huevos, is one of my favorite breakfasts. Chacho's Tacos on Westheimer serves it on a taco, and it makes an awesome breakfast. "Machacado" mean "shredded" in Spanish. The name refers to the fact that the traditional carne seca (dried beef) of Monterrey is pulverized before being cooked in this dish.

According to the popular Tia Lencha carne seca company, the dish was popularized in 1928 by a woman named Fidencia Quiroga Chavarria (better known as Tia Lencha) at a restaurant in the town of Cienaga de Flores, Nuevo Leon. The restaurant was opened to serve the men who were building the Laredo Highway. In 1958, the Tia Lencha brand of shredded carne seca was launched so people could easily make the dish at home.

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