Yes, I ate this.
Yes, I ate this.

Meals We're Not So Proud Of

I'm sure all of you out in EOW Readershipland think we bloggers dine with kings on a daily basis. In fact, former blogger Ruthie Johnson said as much this past summer. Sure, there have to be some people who have a standing reservation at REEF and seek out truly authentic Cambodian restaurants every day. Well, I admit it: That's not me. I'm not proud of it, but it's true. In between my culinary explorations, I don't always eat so well.

I had nothing else in the fridge yesterday morning, and I didn't want to have to pay for a lunch out, so here is what I cobbled together to eat at my desk at work: one turkey hot dog, three pieces of honey turkey lunch meat, four pieces of sharp cheddar cheese, two four-day-old hot dog buns, and two chicken-and-apple meatballs that my wife made for our 19-month-old this past weekend.

All right, 'fess up. What are some meals that you weren't so proud of?


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