Messing With an Icon: Campbell's Tomato Soup

Messing With an Icon: Campbell's Tomato Soup
Photo by Robb Walsh

Created in 1897, Cream of Tomato was the first soup Campbell's sold. The current can looks different than the one Andy Warhol immortalized, thanks to the smaller size and the new easy-open tab on top. And now Campbell's is messing with the recipe too. Beginning this week, your old favorite Campbell's Cream of Tomato soup is being replaced by a new version with 32 percent less sodium.

Campbell's claims that the sea salt it now uses actually makes the lower-sodium soup taste better. The company has reduced the sodium level in 90 of its soups, as well as the V-8 juice line, to comply with the government's 480-mg-per serving recommendation.

I heated up some of the new stuff using the can-of-milk variation (instead of water) and floated a pat of butter in the middle of the bowl. That's the way my mom used to make it. Honestly, I couldn't tell the difference.

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