Mmm, Mmm Goode

For many of us, a long, lazy breakfast is a weekend-only treat. During the week, there's no time to leisurely read the newspaper or luxuriate over some serious eggs and bacon. Breakfast has become one of the meals regularly eaten on the go. It's no wonder that on weekends, the marvelous, made-from-scratch breakfasts at Goode Co. Hamburgers and Taqueria [4902 Kirby Drive, (713)520-9153] are so popular. Take, for instance, the huevos con nopalitos ($7.45). The ingredient list practically begs for a marathon eating session: two slices of spicy handmade chorizo, almost the size of hamburger patties, some wonderfully smoky refried beans, Spanish rice, scrambled eggs with chopped onion and tomatoes, and slices of cactus leaves, all topped with grated cheddar and Cacique cheeses. Now that's food worth lingering over.


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