My $47 Free Turkey

My $47 Free Turkey

I can never resist a bargain. And since H-E-B offered a free turkey with the purchase of a spiral cut ham, we went there for our Thanksgiving shopping. I found the ham, and then I went looking for the free turkey. It turned out to be a scrawny-looking frozen 12-pounder.

The exacting poultry connoisseur that I share my holidays with didn't want the frozen turkey. We have family coming in from out of town, she pointed out. She wanted a fresh, free-range organic turkey -- the most expensive turkey in the meat case at a staggering $2.99 a pound.

As a compromise, we bought the ham and got the free 12 pounder, which I put in the freezer to barbecue at a later date. (Christmas, maybe?) But for our Thanksgiving repast, we purchased a nearly 16-pound bird that set me back $47. It could be the most expensive free turkey I have ever purchased.

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