My Organic Garden Overfloweth

My Organic Garden Overfloweth

It's been 103 days since I planted the first seeds in my organic garden. I don't mean to brag or anything, but there is so damn much lettuce now that it's covering up those pathetic little tomatoes I planted February 18. The "red salad bowl" lettuce got so big it started drooping after the last rain storm. The chicory seemed to grow a couple of inches overnight. And the mizuna is getting "leggy." The radishes are going crazy too.

I thought that the lettuce would be slowing down while the tomatoes were growing taller, but it looks like I jumped the gun. The tomato plants just sit there in arrested development. What about the banana peels? I thought the potassium was supposed to kickstart the tomato seedlings. Maybe you have to wait until the soil warms up -- bananas or no bananas.

Well, there was an easy remedy for the "problem" anyway. I just harvested a whole lot of lettuce and radishes -- especially the ones that were growing over top of the tomatoes. I had to be really careful not to cut the tomato leafs off with the lettuce. I ended up with two pounds of mixed greens and 28 radishes.

Looks like salad for lunch.


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