Natachee's Supper 'N Punch

John and Donna Smith and Pete Gordon, one of the owners of the Continental Club, are part of the investment group that purchased the piece of property one block over from the Continental Club and opened Natachee's Supper 'N Punch (3622 Main, 713-524-7203). "We're not looking to do pretty-looking food on a big, white plate, we're doing country food that Mamma would make every day," says Donna Smith.

The place feels like it's been around forever. Nothing's fake — it's all real, including the old refrigerator door that serves as the front door to the bar, salvaged from a building that was being torn down. On the lot next door, you'll find Lacy the horse. "I feed Lacy in the afternoon so she's always around," says Donna Smith. "Last week we took her down to get her blessed."

There had to be a story behind the name. "I found an obit about this guy named Natachee," says Gordon. "He was a fiddler in the '20s and '30s that traveled around the country cooking for everyone and playing in a band called the Skillet Lickers, so this fit perfectly with our association with music." The logo for the restaurant has a large tongue licking a cast-iron skillet.

The day Dish visited, we tried to order punch and the waitress informed us that they were "still working on it, since last week it was a little too strong to serve." Pity. We did, however, order the Skillet Biscuits and Spicy Country Gravy, which are served all day and come with two sausage patties, eggs and homemade biscuits smothered in gravy. Simply put, they were outstanding. The rest of the menu, with several varieties of burger, also looked wonderful. A homemade pineapple pie was the kind only grandmothers seem to know how to bake anymore.

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