Not to Bragg

Not to Bragg

Back in the '70s, Hobbit Cafe's claim to fame was being the "only" vegetarian restaurant in Houston. Apparently the owners had another restaurant that served Caribbean food, and they decided to merge the two and create the carnivore-friendly cuisine we indulge in at Hobbit Cafe to this day. When offered a menu, try to determine which item came from which restaurant. We will give you a hint: If its name is out of a Middle Ages fantasy neverland, it is probably veggie-friendly.

Our favorite discovery at Hobbit Cafe turned out to be something offered with everything: Bragg Liquid Aminos, which is offered as a condiment next to ketchup and mustard. Bragg is essentially an all-natural soy sauce that has way less sodium (still a lot), plus essential amino acids for your body. It also makes the broccoli and anything else you dash it onto simply amazing. The aminos have a savory quality that can accompany any dish, but we tend to steer toward the jerk chicken when at Hobbit. The chicken's so-so, but the vegetables are high-quality.

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