Odd Pair: Pizzeria Combos and Chianti

Odd Pair: Pizzeria Combos and Chianti

When my blood sugar dips low, I will literally reach for the closest food at hand, whatever that may be. I was so hungry the other day, I contemplated the various pros and cons of eating kibble. I consider snacking on Pizzeria Pretzel Flavor Combos to be at least half a step up from dog food, and I'll admit that I ate a whole package the other day. And though the experience wasn't nearly as fulfilling, either spiritually or gastronomically, as I might have hoped, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of pairing it with wine.

I decided to go with a red variety as I thought this would stand up nicely to the intense artificiality of my snack choice. Then, since I was choosing an "Italian" food, I decided to narrow my wine selection even further to an Italian wine. Enter the Chianti, the iconic Italian wine. I had a bottle of 2007 Frescobaldi Nipozzano Chianti Rufina Riserva ($17) stashed away and could think of no better time to open this lusciously dark fruity vino.

The wine was actually very good, and I felt slightly guilty for serving it with such a poor misrepresentation of food. Yes, the flowery, chocolaty notes did complement the strange aroma of pretzel and oregano, but it almost seemed sacrilegious. I felt as though I should have been drinking that $2.99 bottle from Walgreens.

But it was a fun experience, and truly one of the oddest pairs I have come across. And yes, I put a candle in the empty bottle after the wine was consumed and placed it squarely upon a red checkered tablecloth.

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