Odd Pair: Sweet Potatoes & Chardonnay

Odd Pair: Sweet Potatoes & Chardonnay

If you're like me, then you've been "practicing" your Thanksgiving recipes a little early this year. At least that's the reason you give when people ask why you're making stuffing and sweet potatoes in the beginning of November. The upside (besides getting to eat decadent food all month) is that it gives you an excuse to try out some different wine pairings before the big day.

Last night I discovered that Earthstone Chardonnay pairs very well with sweet potato casserole. Earthstone 2009 Chardonnay comes from Sonoma Valley and is a good, eco-friendly wine that only runs you about $10 a bottle. It's crisp and bright, which complements the dense sweet potato dish. The slight oaky flavor lends itself nicely to the autumn weather, and the medium body makes this a very drinkable wine.

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