Off the Wall: A Torta at Gorditas Aguascalientes

Off the Wall: A Torta at Gorditas Aguascalientes

This Top 5 from Geri Maria Harris on the city's best Mexican restaurants drew comments in the triple digits -- a perfect place to find a good one. Sweetmomo1's response was short and sweet: "Gorditas aguascalientes!!!"

I decided to keep things simple and order the milanesa torta -- my equivalent to ordering a club sandwich at an unfamiliar American cuisine establishment. The torta is a somewhat low-risk proposition, a kind of "get to know you" restaurant menu item. Have you ever had a terrible torta I haven't. They usually range from average to "Could I possibly consume two in one sitting?"

My torta at Gorditas Aguasaclientes was excellent. Gone is the lightly grilled soft bun. At Gorditas, it's a flakier shell with a soft interior.The bread is the star, but the rest of the cast and characters are all there -- tomatoes, lettuce, queso fresco, sour cream, refried beans, freshly sliced avocado, a touch of queso fresco and jalapenos. The fried, thin beef steak (milanesa) was just the perfect choice for this sandwich.

For under $4, the torta was a steal. That's right, at $3.95, I can't imagine a better deal in Houston. Great suggestion, Sweetmomo1. For my next trip to Gorditas, I may just get a gordita. Imagine that.

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