Off the Wall: Fit for a King?

Off the Wall: Fit for a King?

Joanna O'Leary's recent post about frosted cookies created quite a stir amongst readers. But one comment stood out, and to no surprise, it was from one of my favorite responders--trisch. I don't know trisch, but can tell she's a "glass half full" kind of gal. She writes: "Yesterday I was drooling over the St. Patrick's Day cookie/cupcake/cake and King Cake displays at Kroger.

Mounds of green and white frosting over here, drizzles and splashes of gold, purple and green over there. I'm not a frosting freak like you, but you're right, every now and then it's nice to have a good dose of grocery store frosting as a reminder of the simpler times." Well trisch, your comments inspired me to seek out that "reminder of simpler times." I headed to my Kroger's in search of frosting. It took about three steps inside before I was smacked in the face with the very display you mentioned. I now had a dilemma--King Cake or St. Patty's cupcakes? I chose the King.

I've never eaten a King Cake. And after consuming one piece of the Kroger's version of this Mardi Gras classic, I may never eat one again. It tasted as nasty as it was ugly. Globs of purple, green, and white icing covered this circular, cinnamon and cream cheese-filled monstrosity. It was also sprinkled with coarse sugar that made each bite sound like I was chewing pebbles. The few areas of the cake not slathered in icing were dry and tasteless. And all for the price of $6.99. But wait, you also get a free strand of beads smashed into the icing. Nice touch.

It became quickly apparent I had made the wrong choice. Next time you get that icing/frosting craving, I recommend passing on the King, and going for the cupcakes.

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