Photo by Robb Walsh

Opa Dog

Opa’s seemed to be the official sausage supplier in Fredericksburg. Menus at German restaurants and biergartens all over town featured Opa’s bratwurst, knackwurst and “Opa sausage,” the local nickname for a coarse ground pork and beef link officially known as “Opa’s Country Blend Smoked Sausage.” I frequently buy Opa sausage at Houston supermarkets so I couldn’t resist visiting the Opa’s Smoked Meats retail store.

The shelves were loaded with an awesome array of smoked sausages, pork loins, and all kinds of hams. A couple of white-haired ladies were cranking out some nice-looking sandwiches behind the counter. But my attention was riveted to a hot dog machine loaded with Opa sausages and bratwursts. I got an Opa sausage link on a bun with mustard for lunch.

I also picked up a catalog. I plan to order a couple of pounds of liver sausage and some of the exotic offerings like chicken and sun-dried tomato and chipotle sausage. – Robb Walsh


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