Oyster Season Opener

Oyster Season Opener

My first oysters on the half shell this season came from Captain Benny's in Austin. They were good-looking and reasonably tasty, considering we haven't had much cold weather yet. If I had to bet, I'd say these oysters were harvested in Louisiana a week or so ago. (The season opens in October over there.) I like to wait until November 1 to start eating oysters because that's the day the season opens in Texas. It was a little odd to be eating my first oysters of the year in Austin rather than say, San Leon, but there were extenuating circumstances.

On November 1, I was in Austin giving a talk about my book Sex, Death & Oysters at the Texas Book Festival. My family and friends met me after the event at the Austin outpost of the Houston-based Captain Benny's restaurant chain at I-35 and 290. Like all Captain Benny's the restaurant looks like a boat. After the raw oyster appetizer, I ate an excellent oyster poor boy. Then we jumped on 290 and headed home.

It was a fitting celebration of opening day.

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