Pine Nut Cookies at Drew's Pastry Place

Andrew Rogers, owner of Drew's Pastry Place (10300 Louetta, 832-717-3530) in Cypress, truly has created what they call in Italy a pasticceria. The pignoli (pine nut) cookies are wonderful. "They are made from a recipe that my mother-in-law gave me," says Rogers. Even the sfogliatelle (a cousin to cannoli) are as authentic as can be. This, and he knows how to make a real espresso.

How, with an American-sounding name, did Drew get it just right? "Well, firstly, I am Italian. My grand­father's name was Ruggiero," he says. "When he came over here, he changed it to Rogers. Secondly, I grew up in New Jersey, where there's a bakery on almost every corner." This is clearly Drew's passion. "When I turned 40, my wife turned to me and said, 'If money were no object, what would you really want to do?' When I told her that I wanted to be a pastry chef, I didn't realize that she then secretly investigated what courses were available in Houston. Almost exactly one year later, I had enrolled and graduated from the Culinary Institute of Alain and Marie LeNôtre. The week after I grad­u­ated, I was offered a job at the Houston Country Club."

Will Rogers open a Drew's closer to town? "I'm thinking about it," says Drew. Here's hoping...


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