Pleasure Domes

I really love coconut. I love the way it tastes, whether encrusted on shrimp or chicken, in a cake or cream pie, or in the form of milk or rum. I also love the way it smells. Forget the "new car" fragrance at the car wash, gimme Piña Colada every time. So it should come as no surprise that I find the coconut macaroons at Three Brothers Bakery [2040 West Gray, (713)522-2253; 4036 South Braeswood, (713)666-2551; 14019 Southwest Freeway, (281)242-2551] profoundly pleasurable. These baked round golden jewels are incredibly moist, sweet, soft and chewy. When biting into one, you will encounter not only a rich coconut flavor but also the texture of desiccated coconut. They are available plain or dipped in chocolate, in two sizes: small (45 cents) and large ($1.35). Can you guess which I buy?


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