Pomegranate Martini at The Davenport
Chris Blakely

Pomegranate Martini at The Davenport

I'm usually all about a glass of red wine, but the holiday season and end-of-semester madness has gotten me in mood for good mixed drinks (plural intentional). Sidecars and cosmopolitans are usually my cocktails of choice, but lately I have been venturing into the world of martinis. And by "martini," I don't just mean the biting gin-and-vermouth concoction, as I admittedly do like just a bit of girlie sweetness in my drinks.

A friend recently took me to The Davenport, and at the time of my visit I didn't know it was voted as having Houston's best martini. So, I had just moderate expectations when I ordered the Pomegranate Martini.

The bartender playfully filled a chilled glass just to the point of overflowing, forcing me to take my first few sips at the counter before moving on to a cozy table by the "fire" projected on the television. Even after several more gulps, my (oversize?) glass still seemed very full. I don't know if such generous pours are standard practice at The Davenport, but they beat the hell out of the smaller drinks at Anvil.

The martini was a lovely ruby color and ice-cold to the touch. It tasted primarily of vodka with only mild notes of pomegranate, but that was perfectly all right with me: six o'clock is cocktail hour, not juice break. And there's nothing that facilitates excessive imbibing like drinks that could double as Kool-Aid.

After what seemed like many, many sips, my glass wasn't even half-empty; however, I felt twice as relaxed. One pomegranate martini was just enough for a weeknight, but I'll be returning soon to try other varieties.


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