Poppy Seed Kolaches at Olde Towne

Poppy Seed Kolaches at Olde Towne
photo by Robb Walsh

The poppy seed kolaches at Olde Towne Kolaches on Memorial near Kirkwood are stuffed extra thick in a nice moist pastry dough, Is my addiction to poppy seed pastries genetic or is it the opiates in the little black seeds? I don't know but my Eastern European grandmother baked poppy seed rolls and kolaches all the time when I was growing up and everybody in my family craves the inky black stuff. It sure makes your teeth look weird.

My mother can't find poppy seed pastries in Georgetown, Texas where she lives, so she always buys some when she comes to town. I used to take her to Three Brothers Bakery where she bought the poppy seed strudel, but since Three Brothers has been closed, I've been looking for a new source. The poppy seed kolaches at Olde Towne are good enough for me, but they aren't going to suit mom. They are much too sweet. (Do I taste orange marmalade in the poppy seeds?)

Anybody know of another poppy seed source? Ma is jonesin' big time.

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