Puppy Love

There are two reasons to love Annabelle's Diner (705 Taft, 713-523-9959). The first is its BYOD policy (bring your own dog) where, on the outdoor patio, four-legged friends are treated to some B&B (a bone and a bowl of water). The second is the creation of Annabelle's avocado pasta ($12.95), an off-the-menu special, which is LAFB (love at first bite). The centerpiece of this dish is a whole avocado that has been peeled then sliced down the middle, pitted and stuffed with a scrumptious crawfish au gratin mixture. The avocado is then reassembled, rolled in spicy bread crumbs and quickly pan-fried to crispen the exterior. Then the whole thing is placed on a bed of linguini tossed with slivers of garden veggies and topped off with a creamy white wine sauce. With a dish like this, it's easy to move from love to serious devotion.


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