Real Bacon Bits or Fakin' Bacon?

Real Bacon Bits or Fakin' Bacon?

Loving bacon is almost as cliché as making jokes about Kevin Bacon being in movies with a lot of different actors. But where's the love for defatted soy flour? What, you mean you don't have a T-shirt proclaiming your love for it? In case you are wondering, defatted soy flour is the first ingredient in Bac-Os the little crunchy red pebbles found on old folks' salad bars throughout this great nation of ours.

I have a relative that actually prefers the goodness of partially hydrogenated soybean oil to the crispy cured pork belly. She would rather sprinkle Bac-O's on a salad with old-fashioned ranch dressing or dump them on a baked potato with butter and sour cream. Has the world gone crazy? Is she alone here? And using Bac-Os because you don't eat meat isn't an acceptable reason. If you are a vegetarian, then you give up your right to eat anything that even remotely tastes like bacon.

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