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Blame Canada Blame Canada
A new pub on Westheimer that's lots of firkin fun for the whole firkin family!
, January 11, 2007
The fish and chips at the new Firkin & Phoenix pub on Westheimer come with two huge trapezoids of fried fish that are covered with a batter that... More >>
Sigh... Sigh...
Most likely, Villagio's will get better, or Villagio's will go away
, January 04, 2007
The oversized mushrooms look impressive on the plate, but they are tough -- tough in that leathery, spongy way that indicates they're past their... More >>
Half Shell Face-Off Half Shell Face-Off
Compare East Coast oysters to Gulf Coast oysters and see what you think
, December 28, 2006
The Conway Cup oysters we sampled at the newly opened Oceanaire Seafood Room in the Galleria were so big and dense and meaty, I suspect they were... More >>
Split Personality Split Personality
PK's Blue Water Grill has the soul of a funky fish house and the body of a fashionable seafood restaurant
, December 21, 2006
PK's Blue Water Grill has the soul of a funky fish house and the body of a fashionable seafood restaurant. That disarming combination takes some... More >>
Hummus and Hookahs Hummus and Hookahs
Mary'z appeals to both foodies and club kids
, December 14, 2006
Neither the beef shawarma nor the beef kabob at Mary'z Lebanese Cuisine on Richmond came with the restaurant's fabulous garlic sauce. Sensing my... More >>
Jazz and Oysters Jazz and Oysters
The cocktail lounge at Tommy's is the perfect antidote for Norman Rockwell holidays
, December 07, 2006
The oysters Bienville were stuffed with ground shrimp and mushrooms in a silky cream sauce. They paired beautifully with the deep and buttery... More >>
Chipinque Cuisine Chipinque Cuisine
You can't go wrong with margaritas and crab quesadillas at Santos The Taste of Mexico
, November 30, 2006
The enchiladas de al carbón at Santos The Taste of Mexico are big and fat, and they're made from red tortillas stuffed with crispy blackened... More >>
Thai Hot Hubris Thai Hot Hubris
Like your Thai food hot? Be careful what you wish for!
, November 23, 2006
After one bite of Thai Gourmet's stir-fried crystal noodles, I started to cough. A chile pepper must have gotten wedged in my throat or... More >>
Greek Heros Greek Heros
The Hot Rod Grandma is cooking up some fabulous Greek food and stunning sandwiches over in Bellaire
, November 16, 2006
The moussaka at YiaYia's Roadster Grill on Bissonnet in Bellaire is one of the best in Houston. It starts with a bottom crust made with wide... More >>
Bacon, Eggs and Barbera Bacon, Eggs and Barbera
Treat yourself to Mediterranean-inflected breakfast foods and some of the most amazing wine deals in town at Catalan
, November 09, 2006
To eat the appetizer called "crispy pork belly with Steen's syrup" at Catalan Food & Wine Bar on Washington, you grab the stout little splinter... More >>
The Measure of Kielbasa The Measure of Kielbasa
Real Polish sausage is a lot more exciting than the nasty Polska kielbasa they sell at the grocery store
, November 02, 2006
At Polonia, the Polish restaurant on Blalock, two glistening kielbasas, topped with fried onions and scored with a knife for easy slicing, came... More >>
Bahn Xeo Buffet Bahn Xeo Buffet
Kim Son goes all-you-can-eat in a lavish new location on Bellaire
, October 26, 2006
The first time I went to the gigantic new Kim Son restaurant at Bellaire and Wilcrest, it was Sunday around noon, and there was a 20-minute wait... More >>
Veh-Ree Theen Pancakes Veh-Ree Theen Pancakes
Don't be self-conscious — enjoy a crepe or two at CoCo's
, October 19, 2006
Real men don't eat quiche. Or crepes. At least, that's one of the seminal messages in that erudite cinematic examination of NASCAR, Talladega... More >>
Montrose Vindaloo Montrose Vindaloo
Is Indika the best Indian restaurant in the United States?
, October 12, 2006
Maybe I was staring too intently at the hot foie gras and sweet fig chutney appetizer my tablemate ordered at Indika. He was dying to dig in, but... More >>
Dates and Camels Dates and Camels
A new Afghani restaurant on Bissonnet offers a novel way to break your Ramadan fast
, October 05, 2006
Houston boasts a veritable United Nations of dining establishments. But one national cuisine that is underrepresented here is Afghanistan's -- a... More >>
Catch the Wave Catch the Wave
Lance Fegen's "New American Surfer Bistro" is like, epic, dude!
, September 28, 2006
It was a long time since I had a trout. Like most of the seafood on the menu at Glass Wall on Studewood, it's a fish that's not from around here.... More >>
Top Tacos Top Tacos
Mexican "tacos de trompo" are getting hard to find because the Health Department says they're illegal
, September 21, 2006
Bright red shavings of pork, hot from the grill, were piled on double corn tortilla tacos, each topped with chopped onion and cilantro. There... More >>
Tall-Tale Tacos Tall-Tale Tacos
Is Doneraki famous for its authentic Mexican food or for giving away chile con queso?
, September 14, 2006
It's easy to see where Doneraki's tacos cazuela tapado got their name. The cazuela tapado is a skillet of tender meat simmered in chile sauce and... More >>
Euro-Tex-Mex Euro-Tex-Mex
Hungry for nachos and lasagna? Look no further than this charming yellow brick cottage in Rice Village
, September 07, 2006
The chips and hot sauce at Europa Cafe & Grill in Rice Village were disappointing. The salsa had zero bite, and the chips, though heated, were... More >>
Mustard on That? Mustard on That?
Galveston locals have been torturing tourists at this fabulous old hangout for the last 60 years
, August 31, 2006
"You want mustard on that?" Larry Puccetti, the bartender at Sonny's Place on Galveston Island, asked my buddy John Bebout when he ordered a... More >>
Taco-Truck Gourmet Taco-Truck Gourmet
The best sweetbreads in the city are served behind the Airline Drive farmers' market
, August 24, 2006
After loading up on produce at Canino's on Airline Drive, I headed for the vast parking lot out back where the produce is unloaded. That's where... More >>
A Simple Plan A Simple Plan
Scott Tycer may have downshifted, but diners will still find themselves in the gastronomic fast lane at Pic.
, August 17, 2006
The waiter at Pic. was doing just fine, confidently reciting each of the specials in exquisite (some might say excruciating) detail. But... More >>
Some Like It Hot Some Like It Hot
And they could be in for mild disappointment at Nidda Thai
, August 10, 2006
The City of Houston's building occupancy permit does not, as far as I know, stipulate what kind of restaurant can do business at a particular... More >>
Chicken-Fried Breakfast Chicken-Fried Breakfast
The "grand slam" at this eastside diner will easily feed a family of three
, August 03, 2006
There were half a dozen cop cars and at least a dozen motorcycles, most of them Harley-Davidsons, in the parking lot of Kelley's Country Cooking... More >>
Escalator Buffet Escalator Buffet
Bombay Brasserie's new second-story location will have to do for the time being
, July 27, 2006
Crumbling pappadums over your Indian food is something I picked up from a British guy who joined me for lunch at Bombay Brasserie on University.... More >>
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