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Nosh Bistro, You Sexy Thing Nosh Bistro, You Sexy Thing
Nosh Bistro, in all its sultry splendor, delivers modern American fare with clever South Asian twists.
, February 21, 2013
See more of Nosh Bistro's elegantly quirky interior and its colorful kitchen in our slideshow. "It looks like Prince exploded in that place,"... More >>
Mytiburger Is on the Way Mytiburger Is on the Way
New owner Shawn Salyers shows up to save the day.
, February 14, 2013
Editor's clarification: Kathy Green says she was not forced to close Mytiburger, but chose to do so. Take a trip behind the 46-year-old grills... More >>
Deer Lease Chic at LA Bar Deer Lease Chic at LA Bar
LA Bar offers comfortable food and surroundings, especially for men who like sports, hunting, fishing and golf.
, February 07, 2013
See how those chargrilled oysters and po-boys are made at LA Bar in this week's slideshow. It took me a few visits to put my finger on exactly... More >>
Line & Lariat Goes from Surf to Turf Line & Lariat Goes from Surf to Turf
Line & Lariat offers an exceptional menu showcasing some of the best foods in this state's culinary history. Now it just needs some customers.
, January 31, 2013
Check out Line & Lariat's gorgeous, sunny dining room for yourself in this week's slideshow. Sometimes you visit a restaurant so good and so... More >>
Mellow Mushroom's Kaleidoscope Pies Mellow Mushroom's Kaleidoscope Pies
The pizza is worth the wait and the craft beer is not bad either.
, January 24, 2013
Take a trip through Mellow Mushroom's colorful kitchen and dining room in this week's slideshow. Mellow Mushroom's neon sign is one of the... More >>
Shak Attack Shak Attack
At the Chili Shak, a California boy makes the best bowl of red in Houston.
, January 17, 2013
Check out pictures from the Chili Shak's kitchen in our slideshow. 'You've gotta get in here," my friend Linda told me through a full mouth as... More >>
Raw Materials at Cove Raw Materials at Cove
The raw fish and raw meat here are so delicately and deliciously rendered, you might think about giving up on the whole fire thing.
, January 10, 2013
For a look at more of Cove's cozy quarters and fresh-caught seafood, browse through our slideshow. At Cove, Jean-Philippe Gaston concentrates on... More >>
Discovering Lucy Discovering Lucy
More surprises from Ethiopia - restaurant with generous portions, good food and a place to dance away the calories after dinner.
, January 03, 2013
See more colorful photos from Lucy's dining room and kitchen in this week's slideshow. It's not often you find yourself getting bottle service... More >>
Defining Triniti Defining Triniti
The casual, elegant, New American-with-a-twist restaurant isn't easy to pigeonhole, but it's good.
, December 27, 2012
See more of Triniti's gorgeous dining room and expansive kitchen in our slideshow. Triniti absolutely glitters at night. Although you can't see... More >>
Tapas with Substance Tapas with Substance
1252 Tapas moved into Houston from The Woodlands and just got better and better.
, December 20, 2012
See more photos from 1252 Tapas in this week's cafe slideshow. The main breezeway in Uptown Park has soaring, three-story-tall arches flanked... More >>
Cuchara: Montrose Mexican Cuchara: Montrose Mexican
Even though the food is a bit uneven, Cuchara's drinks are spectacular and its dining room filled with energy.
, December 13, 2012
For more photos from Cuchara's colorful interior, check out our slideshow. I realized a funny thing during my last visit to Cuchara, on a... More >>
What the Deal, Lucille's? What the Deal, Lucille's?
Something has gone wrong with a restaurant that should have, could have, been great.
, December 06, 2012
I'm not going to lie: I began to eagerly anticipate the opening of Lucille's a year and a half ago. Back in May 2011, chef and owner Chris... More >>
Got a Light? Got a Light?
Perhaps a little more reinvention is needed for Monica Pope's Sparrow Bar + Kitchen.
, November 29, 2012
Check out Sparrow Bar + Cookshop in our slideshow. "This is still Monica's restaurant; this is still Monica's food." You can hear that same... More >>
Burger Outpost Burger Outpost
Guru Burgers & Crepes offers up stunning combinations of burgers and craft beer in Sugar Land.
, November 22, 2012
See more photos from Guru Burgers' bustling dining room and colorful kitchen in our slideshow. Guru Burgers & Crepes has almost zero obligation... More >>
Refinery: A Burger-centric Icehouse Refinery: A Burger-centric Icehouse
Dallas Street joint a work in progress, but with great potential.
, November 15, 2012
See more of The Refinery's petroleum-themed dining room that pays homage to Houston's history in our slideshow. Even though it's only been open... More >>
Doshi House Does It All Doshi House Does It All
Third Ward coffeehouse is an art space, community meetingspot and vegetarian cafe in one.
, November 08, 2012
Check out the charming interior and vegetable-packed paninis at Doshi House in our slideshow. Driving south on Dowling, downtown Houston's... More >>
Hearsay’s Byrd on the Square Hearsay’s Byrd on the Square
Market Square spot gets its cocktails, and some of its dishes, just right.
, November 01, 2012
Check out the downtown setting of Hearsay in our slideshow. Downtown's revitalized Market Square on a Friday night has never been better than it... More >>
Bread and Relaxation at Kraftsmen Cafe Bread and Relaxation at Kraftsmen Cafe
Scott Tycer finds his sweet spot serving simple, delicious food.
, October 25, 2012
See more photos from Kraftsmen Cafe's cozy dining room and kitchen filled with baked goods in our slideshow. As you're sipping a latte from a... More >>
Fit for a King Fit for a King
A Pearland biergarten serves up tasty Austrian-German food and lots of fun.
, October 18, 2012
Check out pictures of the colorful interior of King's Biergarten in our slideshow. From a distance, the polka music galumphing out into the... More >>
Rouxpour: Gumbo and Bros Rouxpour: Gumbo and Bros
Despite rowdy crowds and inconsistent cooking, Cajun joint shows real promise.
, October 11, 2012
See more photos from the New Orleans-style interior of The Rouxpour and its busy kitchen in our slideshow. Lunch at The Rouxpour is a relaxing... More >>
Dazzling Singaporean Food at Straits Dazzling Singaporean Food at Straits
Adventure in CityCentre
, October 04, 2012
To see more colorful photos from Straits' Singaporean kitchen, visit our slideshow. I once read in an interview with Straits executive chef John... More >>
Quite Njoyable Quite Njoyable
Montrose gets a new "comfort" Thai restaurant.
, September 27, 2012
See more photos from Njoy's pleasant dining room and cozy kitchen in our slideshow. Montrose is lousy with Thai restaurants. There's old-guard... More >>
Tepid Torchy's Tepid Torchy's
A beloved Austin food truck goes corporate, and while much of the charm is lost, the breakfast tacos still deliver.
, September 20, 2012
See more behind-the-scenes photos from Torchy's busy kitchen in our slideshow. It took five trips to Torchy's Tacos for me to get a taco that... More >>
Nundini: Straight from the Old Country Nundini: Straight from the Old Country
Italian kitchen, still lacking its sea legs, shows real promise.
, September 13, 2012
Get a feel for Nundini's "simpatico ambience" in our slideshow. As you enter Nundini Chef's Table Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar on North... More >>
Uchi Takes Houston Uchi Takes Houston
Both high-end and accessible, Uchi moves into Montrose and changes the game.
, September 06, 2012
Check out more photos from the chic interior of Uchi in our slideshow. There is a certain anxiety and trepidation to dining at Uchi for the... More >>
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