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Home to Roost Home to Roost
Young turk Kevin Naderi explores his roots and his passions at this homey spot on Fairview.
, March 29, 2012
Don't want to wait? See inside the cozy-chic Roost for yourself in our slideshow. It's a good thing Kevin Naderi didn't open his new restaurant,... More >>
He's Still Got It He's Still Got It
Arturo Boada is turning out lovely pizzas and tapas at his namesake Memorial Villages restaurant.
, March 22, 2012
See the dining room at Arturo Boada Cuisine on a rare quiet afternoon in our slideshow. There are two restaurants in Houston that bear Arturo... More >>
Crazy for Crawfish Crazy for Crawfish
The Seafood Shoppe does mudbugs the right way.
, March 15, 2012
It's like clockwork: Every year when crawfish season comes around, Houston loses its damn mind. We spring from our homes like crazed cuckoos in... More >>
Nabi-Hood Hangout Nabi-Hood Hangout
This Montrose spot is serving up beautifully constructed modern Asian cuisine, at small prices.
, March 08, 2012
Chalkboards and an open kitchen make Nabi a cozy place to enjoy a meal. See more in our slideshow. The bowl of ramen that arrived on my table at... More >>
A Carnivore's Paradise A Carnivore's Paradise
Bring your own wine, order the parrillada and enjoy a civil bacchanalia at Pampa Grill.
, March 01, 2012
Take a trip behind the scenes and see the journey the meat at Pampa Grill takes from asado to parrillada in our slideshow. If you're a red meat... More >>
A Wash and a Burger A Wash and a Burger
Facundo Cafe is a one-stop shop for your car, your appetite and more.
, February 23, 2012
Take a look inside the tiny kitchen at Facundo Cafe; you'll be even more impressed with the food after you do. Danny Harper has a face like an... More >>
Get a Rope Get a Rope
Serving bad Tex-Mex in Houston is a crime — and Vida is guilty.
, February 16, 2012
The plate of fish tacos in front of me at Vida Tex-Mex one recent evening looked so abysmal, I was loathe to even try them. I sat and stared at... More >>
Morning Machaca Morning Machaca
This tiny East End restaurant — attached to a dried-beef factory — serves tasty, old-school Tex-Mex classics.
, February 09, 2012
Take a peek inside Los Corrales in this week's slideshow. Aporreado is a very popular dish in Michoacán, the southwestern Mexican state that... More >>
Portuguese Palate Portuguese Palate
Houstonians get a taste straight from the home country.
, February 02, 2012
Check out Portugallia's lush patio and elegant dining room in our slideshow. Sunday afternoon at Portugallia is the place to be in Houston if... More >>
Mac and More Mac and More
This spot started out serving its namesake dish and nothing else. Expanding the menu was a good idea.
, January 26, 2012
Take a look around Jus' Mac's cramped but cute dining room. I don't know why it's never occurred to me to combine a Frito pie with macaroni and... More >>
CFS and a Cigarette CFS and a Cigarette
City Cafe, an old-school diner in South Houston, still turns out a stellar breakfast.
, January 19, 2012
Inside City Cafe, it's like time itself has paused for a cigarette break and a cup of black coffee. Check out our slideshow of the little spot's... More >>
Tiradito and Turf Tiradito and Turf
At Samba Grille, David Guerrero is breaking the traditional steakhouse mold wide open.
, January 12, 2012
Take a tour through Samba Grille's elegant dining room and fiery kitchen. Steakhouses downtown are plentiful. Houston's central business... More >>
Birds of Bethlehem Birds of Bethlehem
New Palestinian restaurant Al Aseel is turning out some wonderful roasted chicken.
, January 05, 2012
Take a look around Al Aseel for yourself. The business card for Al Aseel features a roasted chicken set against a backdrop of flames, on a... More >>
The Hits of 2011 The Hits of 2011
Our favorite new Houston restaurants.
, January 05, 2012
The challenge in choosing ten of the best restaurants to open in Houston each year is a daunting one: Many of the restaurants I think are "the... More >>
All About Schmit All About Schmit
The French Cowboy's Philippe is both elegant and playful.
, December 29, 2011
Take a trip through Philippe's elegantly-appointed dining room and busy kitchen for yourself. There's something wondrous about watching the cork... More >>
Finger Licking Good Finger Licking Good
If you like Cajun and Southern food, try this West African restaurant.
, December 22, 2011
Check out the colorful kitchen and interior of Finger Licking Bukateria, housed in a charming old Bennigan's. I laughed at my own inelegance as... More >>
Sichuan Bucket List Sichuan Bucket List
You'll want to try everything on the menu at this new Bellaire favorite.
, December 15, 2011
Step inside the kitchen at Mala to see its team of all-Sichuan chefs hard at work. At 10:55 a.m. on a Tuesday morning last week, I was sitting... More >>
Gran Success Gran Success
The infused tequilas and modern Tex-Mex at this neighborhood hangout are bien bueno.
, December 08, 2011
Check out El Gran Malo's colorful mural and tequila shrine for yourself. On a Sunday night in November, half the city was watching the Houston... More >>
Casual Coppa Casual Coppa
This restaurant impresses with simple, harmonious flavors — and its refusal to over-impress.
, December 01, 2011
Coppa'a interior has been described as "Sophia Loren meets Louis Prima." See it for yourself. "Oooh, I can smell the sardines," my dining... More >>
Good Seed Good Seed
A food truck in the Third Ward serves vegan fare that's never bland or boring.
, November 24, 2011
Take a sneak peek inside the food truck along with owners Matti Merrell and Rodney Perry. On a sunny Friday afternoon, a woman stood on her... More >>
Texas on Washington Texas on Washington
The second benjy's location serves low-key local foods.
, November 17, 2011
The night before Halloween was fairly quiet at benjy's, despite its location on Washington Avenue. Two Hamburglars — one male, one female — sat... More >>
West Eggs West Eggs
A previously barren side of town gets two tasty breakfast options.
, November 10, 2011
Catch a glimpse of the kitchens at these two west-side eateries: Chatter's on Eldridge and Pecan Creek Grille. For a very long time, it was... More >>
Merguez in Midtown Merguez in Midtown
Majorca Bistro & Tapas offers good food, great sangria and plenty of people-watching.
, November 03, 2011
As my dining companion and I approached Majorca Bistro & Tapas on foot one night, we saw an unusual sight among the chairs and tables on the... More >>
Hot Diggity Hot Diggity
Sammy's Wild Game Grill — the other wild game hot dog place in town — brings on the heat.
, October 27, 2011
It's long been said that good artists borrow, and great artists steal. When Sammy's Wild Game Grill announced its opening many months back, the... More >>
Fit for a Queen Fit for a Queen
Part Indian, part English and part Gulf Coast, this isn't your typical Houston pub fare.
, October 20, 2011
See more photos from The Queen Vic's warm interior and Brit-Indian kitchen in our slideshow. A recent Sunday afternoon brought a downpour of... More >>
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