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Finger Licking Good Finger Licking Good
If you like Cajun and Southern food, try this West African restaurant.
, December 22, 2011
Check out the colorful kitchen and interior of Finger Licking Bukateria, housed in a charming old Bennigan's. I laughed at my own inelegance as... More >>
Sichuan Bucket List Sichuan Bucket List
You'll want to try everything on the menu at this new Bellaire favorite.
, December 15, 2011
Step inside the kitchen at Mala to see its team of all-Sichuan chefs hard at work. At 10:55 a.m. on a Tuesday morning last week, I was sitting... More >>
Gran Success Gran Success
The infused tequilas and modern Tex-Mex at this neighborhood hangout are bien bueno.
, December 08, 2011
Check out El Gran Malo's colorful mural and tequila shrine for yourself. On a Sunday night in November, half the city was watching the Houston... More >>
Casual Coppa Casual Coppa
This restaurant impresses with simple, harmonious flavors — and its refusal to over-impress.
, December 01, 2011
Coppa'a interior has been described as "Sophia Loren meets Louis Prima." See it for yourself. "Oooh, I can smell the sardines," my dining... More >>
Good Seed Good Seed
A food truck in the Third Ward serves vegan fare that's never bland or boring.
, November 24, 2011
Take a sneak peek inside the food truck along with owners Matti Merrell and Rodney Perry. On a sunny Friday afternoon, a woman stood on her... More >>
Texas on Washington Texas on Washington
The second benjy's location serves low-key local foods.
, November 17, 2011
The night before Halloween was fairly quiet at benjy's, despite its location on Washington Avenue. Two Hamburglars — one male, one female — sat... More >>
West Eggs West Eggs
A previously barren side of town gets two tasty breakfast options.
, November 10, 2011
Catch a glimpse of the kitchens at these two west-side eateries: Chatter's on Eldridge and Pecan Creek Grille. For a very long time, it was... More >>
Merguez in Midtown Merguez in Midtown
Majorca Bistro & Tapas offers good food, great sangria and plenty of people-watching.
, November 03, 2011
As my dining companion and I approached Majorca Bistro & Tapas on foot one night, we saw an unusual sight among the chairs and tables on the... More >>
Hot Diggity Hot Diggity
Sammy's Wild Game Grill — the other wild game hot dog place in town — brings on the heat.
, October 27, 2011
It's long been said that good artists borrow, and great artists steal. When Sammy's Wild Game Grill announced its opening many months back, the... More >>
Fit for a Queen Fit for a Queen
Part Indian, part English and part Gulf Coast, this isn't your typical Houston pub fare.
, October 20, 2011
See more photos from The Queen Vic's warm interior and Brit-Indian kitchen in our slideshow. A recent Sunday afternoon brought a downpour of... More >>
Dare We Say It? Dare We Say It?
The venerated Mai's has been rebuilt after burning down, and it looks pretty. But the food still mostly ­disappoints.
, October 13, 2011
See more photos from Mai's rebuilt restaurant and modern, updated interior in our slideshow. Even at 2 p.m. on an otherwise quiet Monday... More >>
C&D & Nostalgia C&D & Nostalgia
This South Houston burger joint with a small-town vibe serves tasty, old-school burgers.
, October 06, 2011
Take a trip back in time with C&D Burger Shoppe in our slideshow. Two cheeseburgers arrive at our table, each half-wrapped in white butcher... More >>
That's Rich That's Rich
Brasserie 19 is the place to see and be seen in River Oaks.
, September 29, 2011
To see more photos from Brasserie 19's small but efficient kitchen, check out our slideshow. The dining room at Brasserie 19 on a Saturday night... More >>
The Real World The Real World
With expectations sky-high, El Real Tex-Mex Cafe struggles for glory.
, September 22, 2011
Take a trip behind the scenes in our slideshow, and see exactly how those terrific cheese enchiladas are made. A mammoth burger sits in front of... More >>
Totally Rad Totally Rad
It's almost beside the point that the food at this new restaurant is all-vegan.
, September 15, 2011
To see how Radical Eats makes those delicious fried avocado tacos, take a look through our slideshow. Sunday brunches at Radical Eats are a... More >>
Desert Couscous Desert Couscous
Casablanca worth a visit in a city with so little Moroccan food.
, September 08, 2011
See more photos from Casablanca's colorful dining room and kitchen in our slideshow. Toward the end of Ramadan, my friends and I planned an... More >>
Mezze in the Montrose Mezze in the Montrose
At Byzantio, sit back with a drink, enjoy the good food and ignore the uneven service.
, September 01, 2011
See more photos from Byzantio's kitchen and cozy dining room in our slideshow. My dining companion, a longtime Montrose resident, remembers a... More >>
Yummy Stinky Yummy Stinky
The fermented tofu at this Taiwanese spot is not for the faint of heart.
, August 25, 2011
See more photos from Yummy Kitchen's tidy dining room and kitchen in our slideshow. Taiwanese food is not for the faint of heart. That could be... More >>
Breakfast on the Beltway Breakfast on the Beltway
Flora & Muse offers charming, European-style bistro fare.
, August 18, 2011
See more of the breakfast and booze at Flora & Muse in our slideshow. One quiet Saturday morning, I sat perched at a marble-topped pub-style... More >>
Dinner with Friends Dinner with Friends
Try a topsy-turvy Brazilian burger.
, August 11, 2011
To see more of Friends Pizzeria's big, beautiful burgers and pizzas, check out our slideshow. Nothing could have prepared me for my first X-Tudo... More >>
Full House Full House
A new Heights restaurant is part upscale cafe, part coffee shop and part bar.
, August 04, 2011
Get the down low on Down House in our behind-the-scenes slideshow. A white plate holding a prodigious piece of grouper arrived at the table at... More >>
Slurp Heaven Slurp Heaven
For a fast-food place, Cafe Kubo's knows how to produce one good bowl of ramen.
, July 28, 2011
Check out Cafe Kubo's bustling dining room and busy kitchen in our slideshow. The tonkotsu ramen at Cafe Kubo's has an instantly calming scent:... More >>
Bread Lines Bread Lines
Beyond just the baked goods, Cedars Bakery draws crowds with its authentic,beyond-the-mainstream Mediterranean food.
, July 21, 2011
See Cedars's big brick ovens and fabulous flatbreads in our slideshow. It's high noon on a sunny Saturday and Cedars Bakery can't keep its... More >>
Vietnamese Venison Vietnamese Venison
Thanh Phuong in Pearland is turning out some of the most exciting food, anywhere.
, July 14, 2011
See more photos of Thanh Phuong's vibrant food in our slideshow. Chris Shepherd's imposing frame darkened the door at Thanh Phuong, the chef... More >>
Killer Dragon Killer Dragon
A new chef and a revamped space breathe new fire into Dragon Bowl.
, July 07, 2011
See more of Dragon Bowl's casually cool dining room and pan-Asian dishes in our slideshow. Poring over the new menu at Dragon Bowl Asian Bistro... More >>
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