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"Exotic" Ethiopian "Exotic" Ethiopian
You eat it with your fingers, yes. But the vibrant cuisine at Sheba Cafe isn't so unfamiliar.
, November 18, 2010
See how breakfast is made in Sheba Cafe's kitchen in our slideshow. If there were any justice in this world, more people would be enjoying... More >>
Puri Bliss Puri Bliss
Feasting at Sweet n Namkin and Salaam Namaste.
, November 11, 2010
Go behind the scenes at Sweet n Namkin to see how they make their sublime dahi puri and more in our slideshow. I rarely order the same dish... More >>
Come to Pappa Come to Pappa
It's almost like taking a trip to Philadelphia.
, November 04, 2010
See Pappa Geno's kitchen in all its Cheez-y glory in our slideshow. "This is about as authentic as it gets," my friend Jim Parsons remarked as... More >>
With a Grain of Salt With a Grain of Salt
BRC Gastropub could be great.
, October 28, 2010
See Dr. Pepper-friend quail in the making in our slideshow. I don't really know where to begin with BRC Gastropub, the latest restaurant... More >>
The Heights of Comfort The Heights of Comfort
Eating at Zelko Bistro is like coming home.
, October 21, 2010
See the making of Zelko's Boss Burger and more in our slideshow. Zelko Bistro has the best napkins in Houston. They're the flour sack towels... More >>
Mucho Mediocre Mucho Mediocre
After new owners take over a Houston haunt, the engaging music is intact, but the food is not.
, October 14, 2010
"I don't care if you liked it, at least I tried," huffed a middle-aged Mexican man with a laugh after he finished singing a Vicente Fernández... More >>
Authentically Inauthentic Authentically Inauthentic
Ramen and breaded pork cutlets, not sushi, are the stars at Umai Japanese.
, October 07, 2010
Take a look behind the scenes at Umai's kitchen in our slideshow. A bowl of ramen — its thick, almost nutty broth steaming up from the table —... More >>
Montrose Match Montrose Match
The Vallones somehow fit right in with Houston's funkiest neighborhood.
, September 30, 2010
See a slideshow of Caffe Bello's pizza prep. "I'm shocked by how well these things go together," I muttered over a martini. My dining companion... More >>
Chicago All the Way Chicago All the Way
At BB's, get your hot dog dragged through the garden.
, September 23, 2010
See a slideshow from BB's kitchen and colorful dining room. I opened the white box from BB's Beef & Hot Dog first. A package weighing about half... More >>
Spinning Sichuan Spinning Sichuan
Grab your friends and order it up at at this revamped Chinatown favorite.
, September 16, 2010
I ate at Chinese Sichuan Cuisine by mistake. I suspect that quite a few people have done that so far, and that more will in the upcoming few... More >>
Bohemeo's Baja Vibe Bohemeo's Baja Vibe
Fish and shrimp tacos rock.
, September 09, 2010
See photos from Bohemeo's colorful interior and kitchen in our slideshow. "I have a bad feeling about this," my friend remarked ominously as we... More >>
Rumor to Rest Rumor to Rest
Who says Houston has bad shawarma?
, September 02, 2010
See a slideshow of everything Abdallah's Bakery has to offer. There's no good shawarma in Houston. At least, that's the story my Lebanese... More >>
Sushi Surprise Sushi Surprise
This nondescript-looking restaurant is serving the real thing.
, August 26, 2010
Check out a behind-the-scenes slideshow from Sushi Miyagi. The agedashi tofu at Sushi Miyagi looks alive. The pile of gauzy bonito flakes on... More >>
Honduras in Houston Honduras in Houston
A too-small dining scene gets a welcome addition.
, August 19, 2010
See images from the kitchen of Honduras Maya Cafe & Bar in a slideshow. "Chingao!" my friend exclaimed quietly but forcefully as he polished off... More >>
Midtown Moussaka Midtown Moussaka
Breakfast and more at Harry's
, August 12, 2010
See a slideshow from Harry's kitchen and dining room. Coffee cups clatter on saucers, silverware clinks across heavy porcelain plates, bacon... More >>
Baffled by Brennan's Baffled by Brennan's
A revived Houston institution proves inconsistent.
, August 05, 2010
See a slideshow from the kitchen of Brennan's. "Taste this," my Cajun dining companion said as she nudged her bowl of turtle soup to me at... More >>
Ocean's Heaven Ocean's Heaven
Ceviche and 'ritas are the perfect summer combo.
, July 29, 2010
See a slideshow of Ocean's chef at work. I took a sip from my $9 margarita as I sat with two beautiful ladies at Ocean's. The drink was like a... More >>
Tropic Thunder Tropic Thunder
Serving up home-cooked Jamaican soul food.
, July 22, 2010
To view more photos in Troy Fields's Tropic Thunder slideshow, click here. During the last tropical depression, I talked a friend into meeting... More >>
Burger and a Boddingtons Burger and a Boddingtons
Polk Street Pub brings uptown bar food downtown.
, July 15, 2010
I couldn't help but notice how many of the restaurants at Houston Pavilions were big chains: House of Blues, the McCormick & Schmick's and Mia... More >>
Simple Plan Simple Plan
Chef Randy Evans's idea for a "seasonal kitchen" at Haven mostly succeeds.
, July 08, 2010
On a recent lunch visit to the less-than-a-year-old Haven, I found myself delighted by the old-school country and folk music that looped through... More >>
Pho on Fannin Pho on Fannin
Kim Tai is the perfect place to drink a couple of cold beers and chow down on Vietnamese diner food.
, July 01, 2010
My third visit to Kim Tai Restaurant was my favorite one. I sat at one of the smaller tables while the owners' family and friends drank iced beer... More >>
Strip Mall Hopping Strip Mall Hopping
Where to eat at 5800 Bellaire.
, June 24, 2010
In the triangle formed by Bellaire, Bissonnet and the Southwest Freeway, there are approximately one million restaurants. Several new eateries... More >>
Sangria and Serrano Sangria and Serrano
Tintos does some things right, but skip the paella.
, June 17, 2010
Some cuisines are just sexy. Spanish food definitely falls into that category. Big, luscious red wines, lots of shellfish and soft spices all... More >>
Hot Off the Grille Hot Off the Grille
The original Perry & Sons Market & Grille is still rooted in mom-and-pop charm even with its growth into 12 big-box restaurants across Texas.
, June 10, 2010
It's lunchtime at the original Perry & Sons Market & Grille, and patrons are expected to step up to the counter and order; the waitstaff is... More >>
Down the Rabbit Hole Down the Rabbit Hole
Tiny Boxwood's serves up delectable dishes in a magical setting.
, June 03, 2010
We park in front of some tennis courts on a narrow street crowded with luxury vehicles before heading in to have breakfast at Tiny Boxwood's... More >>
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