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I'll never judge a book by its cover again. Or rather, I'll never drive past a bar stuck on the end of a drab strip center and think to myself, NFW. The Richmond Chill Bar & Grill (4704 Richmond, 713-622-0775), occupancy load 26, might be my new favorite neighborhood watering-hole-in-the-wall. We conducted research there a couple weeks ago on "Luau Night." Since I know you're going to ask...Yes, we all got lei'd. Moving on. And since I know your next question is "Why a luau?" I'll tell you. Because The Chill's that kinda place. Maybe a beach bash is a little cheesy, a little childish, but whatever. Sorry for partying. Moving on. To compensate for limited space, The Chill has the obligatory Houston sidewalk smoking porch. Why anyone would want to post up next to the grill of a hot Chevy Suburban in August just to get their smoke on is beyond me. But we're not judging you, Vic. José, Pamela and I followed the simple instructions on the sign out front: "Come In, Chill Out." Lovely bartenders Christa and Natalie brought us rounds while we sat under the wall-mounted surfboard and played with the inflatable sea creatures that adorned our table. Good times. If you come, try the Chill-Lemonade. Why? Damn, you ask a lot of questions.


1.5 ounces Absolut vodka

1 ounce club soda

1 ounce sweet and sour mix

1 ounce 7 Up

Lemon wedge


Place ingredients in a shaker with ice, squeeze in juice of a fresh lemon wedge and shake ingredients with lemon wedge for essence. Serve in a highball glass on the rocks; garnish with lemon. Cocktail umbrella mandatory, grass skirt optional.


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