Robb's Oyster Book

My new book Sex, Death & Oysters: A Half Shell Lover's World Tour was released January 1 and is now selling on Amazon. I'll make the rounds of Houston bookstores this week signing as many copies as I can find.

It was a 2004 cover story by the same name in the Houston Press that got the ball rolling on this book project. It gave me a great excuse to go eat oysters in England, Ireland, France and Canada and in most of the places where oysters are grown in the U.S. I also managed to earn a place in the Acme Oyster Bar's 15 Dozen Club in the course of my extensive research.

I shot a lot of photos while I was traveling around eating all those oysters, but the book was published as a narrative with only a series of black and white maps as illustrations. So I turned the digital photos into a slide show titled "Oyster Moments" and put it up on my website as an extra source of illustrations. It's also a good way to get a sneak peek at the book.

-Robb Walsh


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