Ruggles Grill

Bruce Molzan has reopened Ruggles Grill (903 Westheimer, 713-527-9400) after being forced to close due to Hurricane Ike. "It's my baby — my flagship," he says. "I'm emotionally attached to the place where I've spent the past 25 years, plus I own the property, so what else was there to do?"

In the time since September 2008, in addition to rebuilding this property, Bruce opened Ruggles Green, one of the only certified-green restaurants in the city. "We decided that since the green concept is going so well, particularly with younger people, we would go after a second certification. We're serving organic produce and Texas grain-fed beef that has been fed no hormones or antibiotics, and we're also serving organic spirits." One of the buildings on the property, formerly Club Flamingo, is now Green Bar, which will serve organic fruits infused with organic vodka.

On a recent visit, Dish was not surprised to find that the quality of the food and the wonderful ambience were intact. An appetizer called the Avocado Jumbo Lump Crab Tower was as creative in its flavors as in its presentation, which was simply spectacular. One of the off-the-menu specials was a chicken breast stuffed with spinach and Mexican cheese, served with a vegetable plate from local produce. It was almost a meal in itself. The dessert, called Charlotte's Web, was chocolate cake and espresso cream topped with a Heath bar. Wow! Molzan is at the top of his game.

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