Scone Crazy

It's a pity that the Schlotzsky's Marketplace [2929 Kirby Drive, (713)807-9800] is the only location with an in-store bakery and coffee bar, because here you'll find some seriously good scones. Traditional English scones are round, dainty little things served at high tea with clotted cream and jam. The ones here are massive Texas-sized interpretations, difficult to consume at one sitting. With a texture not unlike biscuits, crusty on top and soft and crumbly in the middle, these golden-brown baked goodies come in four varieties ($1.69 each): plain, chocolate chip, cranberry-orange-walnut and bacon-cheddar. Except for the plain version, all are filled with so much stuff, you simply cannot take a bite without encountering one or more ingredients. As an added bonus, after 5 p.m., should there be any breakfast goods left, you can buy them at half price.


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