Troy Fields

One thing I can appreciate is truth in advertising. Shot Bar (2315 Bagby, 713-526-3000) brings it. This is a bar that offers lots and lots of shots. It should. It's a shot bar. I mean, that's the name, for crissakes. It also offers a giant wheel — a Wheel of Misfortune, if you will — that the bartender spins and whatever shot it lands on, that's what you get. No excuses. No re-dos. We took our chances on the wheel, hoping to win some fabulous prizes like on that game show. Instead I "won" something called Antifreeze, Vic got an Adios Mo Fo and José got some other paint-peeler. About that time, the Jägermeister girls showed up in bright orange wigs and things took a decided turn for the better, or worse. I can't remember which. And it really depends on your point of view and whose side you're on. At least we got some free Jäger T-shirts (just in time for Christmas!). I like to look classy 'round the holidays. It's called truth in advertising.

1 ounce Smirnoff vodka

1/2 ounce gin


Shot Bar

1/2 ounce rum

Splash of blue curaçao

Splash of sweet and sour mix

Splash of Sprite

SH_KE _ND SH_ _T. Wanna buy a vowel?

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