Shula's Steakhouse

Don Shula, the ex-coach of the Miami Dolphins, has had as much success with his steakhouses as he did with his team. The new Shula's Steakhouse (1200 Louisiana, 713-375-4777) in the Hyatt Regency downtown is No. 18 in the chain and the first in Texas. So there, Dallas.

"The restaurant is just like the '72 season of the Miami Dolphins: perfect," says Michael Borer, the food and beverage director of the Hyatt. "We use only premium Black Angus meat from only one farm, and we like to create elegant and unique sides, like our lobster mashed potatoes or our crab mac & cheese." Then there's the celebrated "Shula cut," a 48-ounce steak which will not only set you back $84 but get you a personalized letter and postcard from Don, as well as a listing on the Web site. Will Houstonians bite? "Well, we've sold five of them in a week, so I'd say we're off to a good start," says Borer. The Web site counts 33,008 eaters in the nationwide 48-ounce club, so eat up, Houstonians, we're counting on you.


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