702's slammer
Troy Fields

Arriving at 702 Restaurant and Patio Bar (702 W. Dallas, 713-654-8040) on a Sunday night, we're greeted by a sexy ball of Asian adorableness named Cathy. She lets us know several things right off the bat, including: The movie Dodgeball is "freaking hilarious," waffle fries are "badass," 50 cents is "not a tip," and she loves making shots. Our good judgment gets thrown out as Cathy serves us several double-size shots, including the bar's signature Slammer and a custom creation she calls The Jellyfish. 702 has a lot going for it, in addition to friendly bartenders. It's a pioneer in the area known as Northwest Midtown, where a plethora of metallic townhouses have sprung up, but the requisite yupfest meet-and-screw dance clubs and fusion restaurants have yet to follow. In fact, I had this place pegged as a stretch-shirt-and-BMW-required type club, but it turns out it's more like a sports lounge with good food and an incredible view of the Skyline District. Anyway, as Cathy keeps making us shots, Monday morning keeps looking grimmer and grimmer. With each round we all get more bartender diplomacy tips from Cathy: She suggests tipping a bartender $20 in advance, thus ensuring you'll be treated as their No. 1 customer all night. Paying your bartender in change is a mortal sin. Just because you flirt with the bartender doesn't mean you'll get more alcohol in your drinks. The longer a drink takes to prepare, the bigger the tip should be. With newfound advice noted and hangover ensured, we retreat home and reset the alarm clock to shave an hour off of Monday morning.

1 ounce Absolut Peach vodka
1/2 ounce Razzmatazz liqueur
Splash sweet & sour mix

Combine Absolut Peach, Razzmatazz, and sweet & sour in shaker. Shake vigorously. Pour into double shot (three-ounce) glass. Remind yourself that Sundays and shots do not mix.


702's slammer

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