Snackshot: Nachos at the Juice Box

While some fuss has been made over the new food at Minute Maid Park this year -- Aramark is now offering items such as "healthy" salads, fish tacos, various vegetarian items and a rather unappealing-sounding "tumbled Texas chicken" -- it's the classics that people will continue to turn to at ball games: hot dogs, crappy beer and nachos.

Today's Snackshot finds us gazing longingly into the oozing jumble of nachos seen below, a submission to the Houston Press Flickr Pool.  Each Monday, we'll feature the best food picture from the previous week here on Eating Our Words, so get out there and submit your photos!

Snackshot: Nachos at the Juice Box
Photo courtesy of Erika Ray

From the photographer's description: "Astros v. Cubs last was kinda ugly, but the nachos were great!"

Boy, don't we know it.

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