Snow Peas

Hee Kim moved to Houston 15 years ago from South Korea and now manages the newly opened Snow Peas (1045 Blalock, 713-827-8900), a restaurant that bills itself as serving Japanese and Korean fusion cuisine. "We called it Snow Peas because we wanted to signify something green and healthy and something new," says Hee.

Hee says there's a problem that comes with eating at many Korean restaurants in town. "Almost all of them serve Korean-style barbecue, cooked at your table, and when you have finished, you smell so much of the cooking that you cannot go anywhere else." Snow Peas is trying to introduce Houston to the new face of Korean fare. "We don't use any MSG, and we make everything from scratch, like all of our sauces and marinades," says Hee.

Dishes like bulgogi (barbecue beef), kalbi (grilled short ribs) and, of course, bibimbap (mixed rice with beef and veggies) appear on the Korean side of the menu, while the Japanese side includes udon noodle dishes, tempura vegetables and many special sushi rolls.


Snow Peas

Dish sampled something outstanding called Ocean Moon, which consisted of a pancake made from fresh seafood, including shrimp, squid and oysters. The bulgogi came with lots of traditional fermented veggies (kimchi), while the bibimbap had a fried egg on top that quickly oozed all over the rice, giving it a wonderful taste.

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