Stirred and Shaken

There I am, at the front bar of South Beach (810 Pacific Street, 713-529-7623), next to an absolutely fabulous hunk of guy-flesh, Alexandre Rosa, the Brazilian "Face of 2002" from the Neal Hamil modeling agency. I ask bartender Morgan Burcham, who is no slouch himself in the hunkiness department, what's the house specialty in terms of cocktails. He offers me his best shot, "Nuts & Berries." I order it, and he pours the pale lavender concoction into a glass, which rests on a frozen strip of refrigerated metal along the bar, designed to keep the drinks cold. I down the drink like a man. The second glass, for Alexandre, remains undrunk, so I finish it. Well, my attractive days are past tense, but the drink is good.

South Beach's Nuts & Berries: It's sweet and nutty, like a naughty milk shake. Drink enough of these, and soon you'll feel exquisitely attractive.

Half-shot of Frangelica
Half-shot of Chambord
Half-shot of milk
Skyy vodka

Shake the Frangelica, Chambord and milk over ice. Strain into a rocks glass, then top with a dash of vodka.


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