Stirred and Shaken

The jackpot was at $85 million, and we were feeling lucky. So we screeched into the parking lot and ran into the Stop-N-Go with minutes to spare. The convenience store was right next to the Roll-N Saloon [4200 San Felipe, (713)877-0187], where we immediately took ourselves and our lottery tickets for a drink. It proved to be a lovable dive with a couple of pool tables and a long dark bar. The bartender didn't have much in the way of liquor. The cute twentysomethingers watching sports on the big-screen TV were all beer drinkers. "I can make red hots," she volunteered. I had never heard of red hots. "What the hell," I said.

Roll-N Saloon's Red Hots: These shots are a unique tradition in Houston, I'm told. They taste like the hot-and-sweet candies of the same name. The bartender said she liked to make her red hots with lots of Tabasco. I took a sip and looked a little distressed. "You're supposed to chug it!" she said insistently. So I knocked back the whole thing. "Now give me a beer," I rasped. "Quick."

1 shot DeKuyper cinnamon schnapps
Splash of Tabasco

Put a shot of cinnamon schnapps in a small glass and add a dash of Tabasco. Drink quickly with a beer back. Makes one.


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