Stirred and Shaken: Roeder's Pub's Dragon-Ass
Photo by Troy Fields

Stirred and Shaken: Roeder's Pub's Dragon-Ass

What would you do in this situation? You're with a small group, doing some weeknight drinking on the patio of a neighborhood everybar — in this case, Roeder's Pub (3116 S. Shepherd, 713-524-4994). You're waiting to hear a selection on the jukebox — specifically, you want to introduce a friend to the infamous 1969 Serge Gainsbourg song in which Jane Birkin simulates an orgasm that makes Meg Ryan's effort come off like a campy community theater performance.

But a bartender cuts the outdoor speakers off, and three patrons start unpacking a couple acoustic guitars just feet from your table. You might think I'd make it halfway to T K Bitterman's before a nightmarish Dave Matthews-inspired jam session gets going, right?

Well, you and I need to stop being so goddamn cynical. It turns out guitarist Paolo and friends are more than proficient in early blues, country and rock; they happily take requests and prod the small patio crowd to participate. I normally don't sing, not even karaoke, but thanks in no small part to Julie's Dragon-Ass shots, I make an exception. It just wouldn't be a good weeknight on the town without something to regret in the morning.

1 ounce Bacardi Dragon Berry rum

Splash cranberry juice

Splash Red Bull

Shake over ice and strain into a shot glass. If you want to sing out, sing out.


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