Say goodbye to Straits.
Say goodbye to Straits.
Photo by Troy Fields

Straits Is Closing in City Centre

Straits Restaurant, the Singaporean and pan-Asian eatery from San Francisco, which opened in 2010 in City Centre, is closing next week.

"We just found out on Thursday," manager Inri Diaz confirmed with the Houston Press by phone. "We're the third location to close." As for why? Not much is known.

Diaz said the restaurant had been fairly steady, though sales hadn't been through the roof.  He expects the location to be operational through August 30, though it will likely start running out of food, as the staff will not be placing more orders to stock the kitchen.

In 2012, former Press critic Katherine Shilcutt called the restaurant dazzling and adventurous, noting that its " Singaporean cuisine is as much a melting pot as Houston itself."

The Press has reached out to Straits Restaurants, part of the Chris Yeo Group,  for more information as to why the location is closing.


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