Ten Kicked-Up Breakfast for Dinner Dishes...Because Breakfast Is Good Any Time of the Day

Take classic breakfast dishes like French toast and kick them up a notch to enjoy at dinner.
Take classic breakfast dishes like French toast and kick them up a notch to enjoy at dinner.
Photos by Molly Dunn

Growing up, If I got to eat breakfast at any other time of the day than in the morning, it was always a treat. Whenever I saw it was breakfast-for-lunch day on the cafeteria lunch menu, I literally jumped for joy at the thought of having bacon, eggs and pancakes with tons of maple syrup instead of a boring turkey sandwich. Sometimes my brother and I would get an extra special treat by having breakfast for dinner at home. My mom would always prepare our favorites: crispy bacon, blueberry pancakes, creamy scrambled eggs and hash browns made in a cast-iron skillet. You're hungry now, right?

Sometimes the best time to make breakfast is for dinner. Let's face it, you're only going to cook a lot in the morning if it's a holiday or the weekend or if you're entertaining guests at your home. Otherwise, it's just too dang early to make an outstanding breakfast.

While the classic breakfast items are all well and good, here are ten kicked-up breakfast-for-dinner dishes you have to make.

10. Sweet Potato Pancakes

Sure, you can make regular pancakes with the classic additions of blueberries, bananas, nuts or chocolate chips, but why not change up the recipe completely by making a sweet potato pancake batter? It's dinner, after all, so make this a more savory meal by including a sweet and savory spud. Simply mix together the flour with baking powder and salt, then add some cinnamon and nutmeg to enhance the sweet potato. Mix about one and a half cups of mashed, boiled and peeled sweet potatoes (the smaller they are, the sweeter they are), with two eggs, one and a half cups of milk and a quarter cup of melted butter. Blend the wet and the dry ingredients together, then cook your pancakes just as you normally would. Top each one with some honey, butter, powdered sugar or just plain maple syrup for a sweet twist on pancakes. Bacon on the side is a must.

Exclude the jalapeno peppers to make eggs in purgatory.
Exclude the jalapeno peppers to make eggs in purgatory.

9. Eggs in Hell

Ever since I saw Mario Batali make this savory breakfast dish on his food talk show, The Chew, I knew I had to make it. Basically, eggs in hell is a one pan dish where you cook several eggs in a spicy tomato sauce made with onions, garlic, tomatoes and jalapenos. Of course you can nix the jalapenos and just have eggs in purgatory; it's up to you. Cook the sauce until it begins to boil, then drop the heat to low, place enough eggs in the pan that will fit, then let them simmer until the egg whites are fully cooked. Sprinkle Parmagiano-Reggiano on top once everything is done and serve each person a bowl full of spicy tomato sauce and an egg. Sop up the runny egg yolk and tomato sauce with a thick slice of bread. Save any leftover sauce for your next pasta night, too.

8. Breakfast Pizza

Pizza is such a classic meal for dinner, so incorporate that classic dish with classic components of breakfast. If you're feeling adventurous, roll out your own pizza dough, or just buy pre-made pizza dough to save some time. You can make individual pizzas with fried eggs on top, like this one from Food Network, or roll out a whole pizza and top with individually fried eggs or scrambled eggs. Of course it wouldn't be a pizza if it didn't have cheese, so load on different types of cheese, like shredded Cheddar, ricotta for a creamy touch, or just stick with Mozzarella for the classic pizza taste. Have fun with the other toppings, too. Add sun dried tomatoes, crispy pieces of bacon, crumbled sausage, fresh herbs, onions and tomatoes. A breakfast pizza is a wonderful hybrid between breakfast and dinner.

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